Everything your .NET development team needs to build and support mobile app products.

Discover how to evaluate your app approach and how to test the idea with rapid prototyping.
Learn everything you need to build a beautiful native mobile app with the Xamarin platform with XAML and C#.
Understand the code and non-code processes of app beta testing and publishing to the publc app store.
Post launch, configure analytics and understand how reviews, push notifications and app store SEO ensure your app is always working.

The most comprehensive programme to onboard your .NET dev team into the world of mobile.

This is the first programme that teaches you the full end to end process of building a mobile product from idea to launch. Including all the things you need to do both inside and outside of the IDE.
We provide the latest video learning material, sample code and design libraries.
Our biggest differentiator is the support you get through both group and One to One video calls where we can walk through your progress, debug any issues and answer your queries.

"We did 3 days of training and had the first app release out within 14 days, unbelievable!".

Validate if app is the right choice
Rapid mobile prototyping
Working with your designer
Setting up your dev environment
App monetisation
and 28 more areas

How long will it take to upskill the team?

Teams have gone from idea to a first app store release in 4 days, others have taken 3 months as they learn alongside existing commitments.

The key is that the team can work at their pace whilst having the support and mentorship when needed throughout the learning.

What does the programme contain?



The Prototyping step covers all the key areas most developers hate, don't feel confident in or haven't thought of addressing before they start to code.

Problem being solved
Is an app the right choice
Rapid prototyping
Mobile paradigm 101
Working with a designer
Naming your product
App UX best practice


Using your C# skills we walk you through how to build a beautiful mobile app using Xamarin Forms for both iOS and Android devices.

Environment setup
Data storage & caching
API Communication
Automated testing
Authentication & security
Cross platform UI
Platform specific features
3rd party nuget packages


App ready? During the launch step you will learn all the intricacies of app deployment and app listing.

App store certification
App store media assets
Branching & releases
OS support


See how to rise above the other apps in your category and create a flawlessway to communicate with your users without overloading your time.

App store SEO
Review management
App analytics
Push notifications
Automation tools


We all get stuck and frustrated when learning something new and in those moment we all want someone to just guide us in the right direction.

This is why we offer mentorship to you alongside your self paced learning, because there is nothing more annoying than a misplaced comma in your code at 2am.

Group live video Q&A
One to One video calls

Building a programme that works for your team

Hi Bob, how can we help ?
I am abit stuck on the XAML of this screen
No problem, would you like to send over the XAML or schedule a screen share to walk us through to resolve.
Screen share would be great

Finding what works for your team

We understand joining any training programme can be like stepping into the unknown, this is why we have provided free access to some of our programme material below so you can get a glimpse of the training approach.

In this video we walk through how to turn your idea into a visual requirements document and then into a screen flow sketch you can share with others for feedback. We call this rapid prototyping.


In this video you can see how a Xamarin cross platform code solution is structured and how you add a 3rd party nuget package to provide native map functionality for iOS and Android.

Schedule your 1 to 1 call to ask any questions about the training.

Schedule a call

Why this programme?

There are millions of .NET developers across the globe that have problems they want to solve and have the ability to solve them, they just need some additional knowledge and guidance.

We believe the existing market of courses and programmes for .NET developers don't offer what developer teams need when starting to build a mobile product.

Our programme fills that gap to support .NET developer teams that want to solve a problem with a mobile product.

All you need to upskill your .net dev team.

£2,549 per developer (3 developer minimum)
3 hours of video content tailored to your company
16 hour live classes for your dev team with live Q&A
The latest app design research
Access to over 15 hours of pre-recorded video content*
Code templates
CI/CD setup via Azure DevOps & Microsoft App Center
Each developer gets 8 thirty minute One to One video calls to discuss approaches or debug issues. **

Schedule your One to One call to ask any questions about how the programme can work with your team.

Schedule a call
All prices ex.VAT. 3 developers minimum. £7,647 total cost for up to 3 developers, £1,549 per additional developer.

* Video content is updated periodically to ensure you are always learning the latest practices.
** One to One videos to be used within a two month period.

After you complete the programme we offer optional continuous mentorship & support programmes starting from £349 per developer per month.

Common Questions

How long do I have access to the materials for?
Once your team starts the programee they will have access to video content for a year (with any updates during that time).
Why can't I just pay for the video material?
We tried that, creating a mobile product is hard and if you just follow a video programme most people give up. We have found that with support, even a limited amount increases your chances exponentially.
How does live sessions work?
We provide live video sessions with Q&A, these are hosted in a webinar format over Teams or Zoom and recordings are provided post-recording to your team.

One to One sessions are scheduled via our calendar system and you will be sent a Zoom or Teams link to attend, all sessions will be recorded and made available to the developers.

What if I already know Xamarin?
That is great, building your app is a big part of our programme but there is a lot of value in the protyping, launch and interation areas.

You can schedule a call with us and discuss what you need.

Who are we?
We have been building mobile products for over six years with .NET and Xamarin and providing mobile product training programme's for three years all via rarely.io.

We have worked with leading brands and technical teams in Europe and USA including PureGym, Iceland Foods, 2 Sisters Food Group, KTM motorbikes and Haven Holidays.

With the recent global pandemic we decided to create a remote programme that supports developer teams during this time regardless of where they are in the world.